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Cyber Security Interest

I first got interested in the field of Cyber Security the summer of 2015. For the next two years I spent all my free time learning the methods hackers use to build payloads, obtain initial access, maintain access, extract information, cover their tracks, and social engineer.

Programming Crack-down

After realizing that tearing everything apart wasn't the only thing I found interesting in the world of security, I dove into software development. Beginning with encryption and Python, I developed a OS agnostinc command-line encryption program called PyCryptor. I then moved on to web developent where I quickly learned JavaScript/NodeJS, Google Cloud, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes engines, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, REST APIs, Websockets, IoT development, Accelerated and Parallel Programming, and so much more.

Lucid Cloud

My first major hardware project. Lucid Cloud is an internally-lit, battery powered, app controlled IoT cloud. I programmed JSON interpretation, persistent local storage, websockets, smart music reactivity, custom lighting animations, a WiFi connection manager, and all sorts of behind the scenes logic to make a seamless design piece that can run on battery for over 10 hours. I then developed a beautiful website, along with backend email campaigns to give users a perfect experience.

Security Consulting and Services

Wanting to share my Cyber Security Skills with the rest of the world, I joined the Cyber Security Scholars and the VIP Cloud Crypto Red Team at the University of Delaware. Security consulting for local businesses, designing and developing an external distributed IDS solution for small businesses who don't have internal IT, and developing security training seminars sponsored by UD. I then moved on to independently design and develop the local credential manager and encryption module for Unisys' Stealth(aware), along with migrating the whole system to a client-server model.

Anchor Security Team

Finally building the cyber security company of my dreams, I settled down with my current business partners to start Anchor Security Team. Running as Co-Founder and Development Lead, we have developed next-generation security architecture to bring fortune 500 cyber security to small businesses. We also have unparalleled phishing and social engineering training to keep businesses secure.

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